I'll wear that dress and you'll wear that tie.

Thursday Apr 17 @ 07:38am

Thursday Apr 17 @ 06:33am

twister & shout

twister & shout

Thursday Apr 17 @ 05:27am
Thursday Apr 17 @ 04:22am


Some people on this site are so pretentious.  I’m incredibly better than them

Thursday Apr 17 @ 03:16am


He wanted to be a pirate

Thursday Apr 17 @ 02:11am

Kurt Hummel + sex

Thursday Apr 17 @ 01:05am


cat caves by vaivanat

Wednesday Apr 16 @ 10:54am

Do you know what an S.T.D. is? It’s a sexually transmitted disease, and the numbers are sky-rocketing. And don’t think you’re not in danger just because you’re…
Wednesday Apr 16 @ 09:49am

Spock + blue

Wednesday Apr 16 @ 08:44am

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